“Before You Make Up Your Mind”- Secondary Schools Leaflet On Abortion From The Socialist Workers Movement 1992

From 1992 , in the aftermath of the X-Case a leaflet on Abortion from The Socialist Workers Movement intended for Secondary school students. The leaflet was never distributed.

 Going by the experience of the 1980s it was thought likely that the ‘pro-lifers’ would mobilise in the schools and use their connections to get anti-choice videos shown, guest lecturers from SPUC [Society for the Protection of Unborn Children] into classes etc. The SWM had a couple of contacts who were school students so we decided to draw up a leaflet specifically aimed at them, with the idea that where we had a contact they would distribute the leaflet inside their school and hopefully get some of their mates to do the same: and we would also leaflet some schools from outside.

You’ll find a more detailed explanation of the leaflet here
Many thanks to the CLR for use of the leaflet.


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“Abortion – The Bishops’ Statement” leaflet from the 1992 Abortion Referendum

A pro life leaflet from the 1992 Abortion Referenda. The leaflet is not from the Bishops but an interpretation of the Statement. It asks for people to vote for everyone except Fianna Fail, even though some of the parties would have been pro choice. A General Election was held on the same day as the Referendum

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From 1981 and November 1982 Fianna Fail commitments for an Abortion Referendum

Two snippets here , the first from a 1981 Fianna Fail Canvassers guide and the second is part of Charles Haugheys message to the electorate in the November 1982 General Election. Abortion is not mentioned in his 1981 message or the one in February 1982.From the material I have, Abortion is not mentioned in the 1981, February 1982 or November 1982 Fine Gael or Labour Election leaflets.